Takko Fashion was founded in Germany in 1982 as a company dealing with the sale of clothing and accessories. In its short period of operation, it established itself on the German and Austrian markets, where it currently operates approximately 1,300 branches. Takko Fashion is also establishing itself in other markets such as Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Switzerland. Takko Fashion has been operating in the Czech Republic since the fall of 2003, and to date there are more than 85 branches. In the coming months and years, expansion is planned, even into smaller cities, so that the Takko Fashion company can get as close as possible to customers.

The goods of the Takko Fashion company mainly appeal to customers who like to dress fashionably at very favorable prices, while more and more emphasis is placed on the quality of the materials used and the mutual combinability of individual pieces. Our target customers are young families with children, in which the majority of women make purchases. That is why the assortment of Takko Fashion stores includes fashionable clothes not only for adults, but also for children, including underwear and accessories. The special offer of women's sizes 42 - 54 under the label MAXI BLUE is not left out either.

Takko Fashion is looking forward to your visit!


You can buy vouchers at the information booth in -1. floor every weekday from 10.00 to 18.00. more information SC Chomutovka - gift vouchers