Chomutovka is a modern three-story shopping center located right in the center of Chomutov. After a complete reconstruction of the original PRIOR from 1979, it was reopened in 2010. All floors were connected by escalators and a large glass atrium through which daylight flows into the building. The exterior has also undergone changes. The old mosaic facade was replaced by multi-colored glass panels, and the logos of individual brands were installed in the center.


Chomutovka offers a range of services in addition to the TESCO food chain and shops with branded fashion and accessories. Here, customers will find a branch of the Czech Post, the INNOGY customer office, a branch of Sazka (tobacco) and Tipsport, and last but not least, the pharmacy Dr. Max.

The assortment of the shopping center is complemented by dm drugstore, FAnn perfumery, GRANDOPTICAL, SUPER ZOO Dráčik toy store, LUXOR bookstore, KOH-I-NOR stationery store, DATART electronics, Flamnego florist, TESCOMA household items  and SCANquilt home accessories.


For children

There is an outdoor playground on the terrace. When visiting Chomutovka, children and parents should definitely not miss the DRÁČIK toy store with lots of toys, world news and interactive and educational games. Books, board games, school supplies and other children's goods are offered by the LUXOR bookstore.


You can enjoy good coffee, ice cream and desserts in the Lagarto Café on the ground floor. Right next door, the VINECO wine shop offers quality domestic and foreign wines, dried fruits, nuts and other confectionery. Lovers of healthy food will be delighted by the selection of the Slade fresh & Smoothie salad bar, which is now located on the 2nd floor. Here you will also find a gastro zone, where you can taste the specialties of a Chinese bistro or traditional Czech cuisine in Česká bastě. In nice weather, you can sit on the outdoor terrace, where the children will certainly like it, as they can frolic on the children's playground.

Parking lot

Capacity: 120 (outdoor and indoor parking)
Open: 24 hours a day

Price list of parking fees:
1. FREE class
2. CZK 10 per hour
3. and each additional hour started: CZK 30
holidays and weekends FREE

The parking schedule can be found here.


On the ground floor of OC Chomutovka, next to the entrance to the Tesco supermarket, you will find an ATM AIR BANK, KB and CRYPTOMAT. There is an ATM ČSOB next to the entrance to the post office.

Free Wi-Fi

Chomutovka offers free internet connection.
Password: chomutovka


In Chomutovka you will find public toilets equipped with a Eurolock. They are intended for people with reduced mobility, with health problems, but also for the elderly and people caring for small children.

Who can get a free Eurokey?

The Eurokey can be obtained free of charge by any TP, ZTP and ZTP/P card holder, WC card holder, diabetic, ostomy patient, oncology patient, person suffering from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, non-specific intestinal inflammation (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis) and urinary dysfunctions .

It is necessary to present an identity card and a TP, ZTP, ZTP/P or WC card, or a medical report documenting the above-mentioned illness for viewing.

Where can I get a free Eurokey?

At the City Hall of the Statutory City of Chomutov, Zborovská 4602, 430 28 Chomutov during office hours. The responsible person is Mrs. Lucie Obermaierová, DiS., E: l.obermaierova@chomutov-mesto.cz, phone number 474 637 144.

Parents of children under the age of three can also borrow a Eurokey long-term through Sítá pro familie, z.s. - www.sitprorodinu.cz


You can buy vouchers at the information booth in -1. floor every weekday from 10.00 to 18.00. more information SC Chomutovka - gift vouchers